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Hey Friends! We are trucking along with our January series on New Years Goals! We’ve gone over how we make a plan of attack and how important time management is. Now? We’re tackling visual reminders. If you really want to achieve your goal, you need to have it at the forefront of your mind. Otherwise you won’t remember that your goal is to lose one pound a week until you’re halfway through a full bag of chips.

Visual reminders are the best way to keep yourself accountable to yourself and not forget what you have committed to yourself to do. It’s time to stop the “I forgot” excuse. That’s why we made real goals this year instead of resolutions. You are totally allowed to forget your resolution by February, but goals are a real thing. They take commitment, and together we are going to get there.

Visual Reminders Are Vital

How to use visual reminders to reach your New Years Goals

These visual reminders do not need to be fancy and crazy. It could be a sticky note or an index card that you tape to your mirror. Whatever works for you is just fine. Do not over-think this!

Visual Reminders uhhh.. Remind You

So this one is fairly obvious, but it’s why this technique works. We are all busy people these days. Because of that, we tend to forget things that aren’t in our sight at that moment. Let’s face it, when your preschooler is having a fit and the baby is coloring on the furniture, your goal can be the last thing on your mind. If someone asks you your birthday in the middle of chaos, it takes a bit for you to remember. If we want to keep our goals in our mind, we need a visual reminder.

Visual Reminders Make You Feel Guilty

So this isn’t the most fun part, but it is crazy effective. If you put a visual reminder of your weight loss goal on your fridge, you will likely think twice about grabbing that gallon of ice cream to snack on while binge watching Netflix shows. For my goal of reading my Bible three times a week, I post reminders around my house that say “Have your read your Bible today?”. I usually see that when I’m “busy” and it convicts me that I need to fill my time with God’s Word and not random meaningless tasks.

Visual Reminders Can Help You Achieve Your Goal

Make your visual reminders creative! If your goal is to memorize a number of Bible verses, post those verses as your reminder. On your computer, your phone, your mirror, your fridge, or anywhere else you will see them constantly. If you are trying to lose weight, instead of just writing “are you suuuuure you want that cookie?” on your fridge, write a quick challenge! “do 10 jumping jacks and then see if you still want that cookie” will be much more effective, and it will help you to achieve your goal.


Do you use visual reminders to help you with your goals? Where do you put them and what do they say? :)