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Last night we had a meeting with our doula to go over our plans for the labor and birth of our little one coming around the holidays. This will be my fourth birth, but it’s the first time that I have a doula and I couldn’t be more excited! I’m lucky that the county where I live is swimming with amazing birth workers, and one of my dearest friends happens to be a doula. Almost as soon as we found out we were expecting we made sure to book her!

Okay, so you may be thinking, what in the world is a doula and why are you so excited to have one?

Well, simply put, a doula is someone who comes alongside you and supports you during your labor and childbirth.

They aren’t medical professionals and they don’t deliver your baby. They are just there to support you in your choices to help you get the best possible birthing experience.

Doulas are an advocate, listening ear, and helpful friend that help you get through one of the most difficult (and most rewarding!) days of your life.

Four Crucial Reasons You Need a Doula at Your Birth (Even if You’re “Not a Hippy”)

Four Crucial Reasons You Need a Doula at Your Birth (Even if You're "Not a Hippy")


Doulas Know Birth

Having your best friend, your husband, or your mom with you while you’re in labor may be great, but they don’t know birth like a doula will.

Sure, the ladies may have been there a time or two, but doulas go to birth after birth after birth.

  • They have tips and tricks to keep you as comfortable as possible during labor.
  • They don’t give medical advice, but they can help you understand what’s happening with your body.
  • They can encourage you that you can have the labor and birth that you want because they’ve seen dozens of women achieve that type of birth.

A doula will know when you should drink some water, when you should lay down and try to rest, or when it may be best to get up and walk for a while.

Doulas know the ins and outs of birth the way that most people don’t, and they can help remind you of those things while you’re in labor and not thinking straight!

Doulas Are There For You

Your doula’s first (and pretty much only) concern is you. Your health, your wishes, your comfort level, you, you, you.

Your midwife or OB? Yes, they’re concerned about you, too, but they’re also concerned about the baby, and the football game they’ll miss if you’re in labor for three more hours, and the liability they’ll have if they let you eat during labor, and, and, and.

It is wonderful to know that there is someone in your corner, always.

Now, I’m willing to bet your husband is also completely on your side, will he be able to remind you why you’d rather not get an epidural when you’re 7 cm and in pain and the doctor suggests one? Probably not. Your doula sure can though!

Four Crucial Reasons You Need a Doula at Your Birth (Even if You're "Not a Hippy")

Doulas Don’t Replace Your Husband/Support Team

I pinky swear, they don’t!

This is a big concern that most husbands have when their wives start considering a doula.

Trust me, gentlemen, a doula is good for you too!

Because, guess what? Labor can take a long time. Like, a really long time. My sister was in labor for over two days.

Chances are your husband will need a break at some point during your labor.

Whether he needs to use the restroom or grab a snack or even, heaven forbid, try to take a nap. You want to have a doula that can tag team with him so that you’re not left on your own during labor.

Also, while we covered above that you are your doula’s primary concern, that doesn’t mean she can’t also help out the hubby!

If your husband is helping you through your contractions, your doula can be in charge of keeping you (and him) hydrated. If you need your doula to help you with counter pressure, your husband can run and grab some food for everyone.

The more support that you have at your birth, the better!

Doulas Aren’t Just For Home-Water-Dolphin-Assisted Births

A common misconception about doulas is that they are only for “hippies” and that they only support women who choose home births/natural births/etc.

This totally isn’t true! I was actually shocked to hear that you can (and should!) even find a doula for a planned cesarean.

A doula isn’t about pressuring you to choose to birth a certain way, or to push natural births on anyone. They are simply a support person.

If you want to go to the hospital when you’re 3 cm and get an epidural as soon as the doctor will give you one, your doula will support you in that choice.

If you want to labor as long as possible at home before heading to the hospital, your doula will support you in that choice.

If you plan an all natural birth but you decide later that you want to get some pain relief, your doula will support you in that choice.

Sensing a theme here?

A doula’s main concern is that you get to make the choices.

So often women’s voices go completely unheard during labor and delivery when their doctors decide what actions to take, often without informed consent. A doula helps to make sure that you get the birth that you want and that you feel good about the choices you’re making for your birth, whatever those choices may be. No dolphin assisted water births necessary!

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