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We have reached the end of our 10 days of back to homeschool prep series! Thank you for sticking with me as I share my top tips for preparing to head back to homeschool and start the new year as a success!

Today for the last day of the series, I thought I would share some quick last minute reminders for you as you’re headed back to homeschool!

Last Minute Back to Homeschool Reminders

To wrap up our back to homeschool prep series, here's a few last minute back to homeschool reminders. With these tips you'll be ready for the school year!

Take Your Time

If you’ve been reading the back to homeschool prep series, you’ll know that I think it’s really important to ease yourself back into homeschooling. Be gentle with yourself and your kids and take your time with going back to homeschool! Whether you do one lesson over the whole first week, or you start with the core subjects and slowly add in the extras, it’s important to take your time as you and your kids get back into the homeschool routine.

Enjoy Yourself

If you hate homeschooling, you won’t last very long. It’s really important to have fun while homeschooling. Have some fun back to school traditions, choose curriculum that you love teaching, and enjoy yourself as you go back to homeschool. Every day won’t be fantastic, I know, but try to incorporate as much fun and joy to your homeschool as you possibly can.

Remember Why You Homeschool

Every family has a different reason to homeschool, but make sure you keep it at the front of your mind as you go back to homeschool. Your “why” will help you get through the days where it’s hard and the big yellow bus is calling your name! Write it in your homeschool planner, write it on your mirror, write it wherever you can to be constantly reminded. You’ll need it!

To wrap up our back to homeschool prep series, here's a few last minute back to homeschool reminders. With these tips you'll be ready for the school year!

Find Your Tribe

Every single homeschooling mama needs a tribe. Every. Single. One. Because here’s the thing. If your only “support” is your mother-in-law who thinks that you’re unqualified to homeschool and your kids will be weirdos, you’re going to feel defeated before you even begin. (note, I have two mothers-in-law, and neither are anti-homeschool thank goodness!) Find a group of homeschool mama’s who you can connect with and lean on during the hard days. Trust me!

Always Have Grace

Always, always, always have grace. With yourself. With your kids. With your mother-in-law that hates homeschooling. With your husband when he asks why you’re struggling to homeschool and keep the house clean. With the grocery store clerk who rudely questions why your kids aren’t in school. Grace, grace, grace. It will go a long way, and honestly, it will make you a happier person! When in doubt, always share grace.

With that, sweet Mama, I want to wish you a wonderful homeschool year! I know that my family is following these back to homeschool prep steps just like you are, and we can’t wait to start back to homeschool in August!

Getting ready to go back to homeschool is a stressful time, so I'm sharing a ten day series for back to homeschool prep so that we can face it together!