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I started “working from home” almost three years ago when I found myself a stay at home mom with three children. My big crazy dream? To make enough to support my serious coffee addiction. I played around with SwagBucks and I found a “job” where I wrote entire websites for $15. I thought I was killing it as a work at home mom.

I started this blog and started learning more things that I could do, and my goals started shifting from paying for Starbucks to paying for our car payment. Then I wanted to pay rent. Eventually, our goal became to help my husband quit his full-time job, and we reached that goal with the help of LuLaRoe in December of 2016.

How LuLaRoe Helped My Husband Quit His Full-Time Job

How LuLaRoe Helped My Husband Quit His Job!

Why We Wanted Him to Quit

We knew that we eventually wanted Chris to come home from his full-time job, but it seemed sort of like a pipe dream. It was clear that I needed help. I was raising four kids, two with various disabilities, homeschooling, working full time on this blog, and working part time as a virtual assistant. My life was way too busy, and his job didn’t allow him to be home when we needed him.

He was often working 50+ hours a week, and we’d get calls ten minutes before he was supposed to come home telling us there was an emergency and he had to stay late. Again. Those emergencies tended to always coincide with when I needed him home to meet a deadline or help with the kids.

When he was home, I would be locked in our bedroom trying to catch up on work that I couldn’t get done while he was gone. We had basically no family time, and all of us were suffering for it.

Setting the Goal with LuLaRoe

When we decided that I was going to add becoming a LuLaRoe Retailer to my already hectic work schedule, I made one thing very clear. Either we needed Chris to quit his full-time job (as soon as my income made sense to do so) or I needed to hire a full-time nanny. There was just no way that I could keep up with the blog, the virtual assistant work, and book parties, do live sales, and manage a LuLaRoe business.

We decided that it made a lot more sense for our family if Chris came home than if we got a nanny. Why pay someone else to come in and help me run my businesses and raise our kids when we could have Chris come home and spend our days together as a family?

We really had no idea how LuLaRoe would go once it got started. I had tried a few direct sales companies (I am still in a few others!) but I had never made a full-time income from any of them. I got my inventory in October, and we set our goal to have Chris quit his job by June. That way we’d have the summer together as a family and it gave me a decent timeline to build up my business.

How LuLaRoe Helped My Husband Quit His Job!

Exceeding all Expectations

Our first full month with LuLaRoe was November, and we sold double what my husband typically made in a month. That was on top of the income I make from my blog and virtual assistant work. It was wonderful, but oh my word was it a lot of work. I was trying to do all of it myself while he was gone, and I was overwhelmed and crazy stressed. We very quickly realized that he’d be coming home a lot sooner than June.

As we were trying to decide when he should make the transition home full time, his job decided to make some changes in the number of employees, and the hours became even less stable. That basically made our decision for us, and he put in his notice. He came home full time at the beginning of December, and we haven’t looked back!

How He’s Handling the Transition Home

I get asked a lot how Chris is doing now that he’s a stay-at-home/work-at-home-dad, and I’d say extremely well. It’s funny how we wanted to have a big elaborate plan for when he’d come home, but really I can see that all of this was in God’s timing.

See, Chris came home full time in December, and right around Christmas, we learned that we’re adding baby number 5 to our already crazy household! While it’s been a huge blessing for him to be able to attend appointments and be around more this pregnancy than he could be with Miss S, it’s been even crazier to see how he’s helped pick up the work that I haven’t been able to do.

First he took over all shipping for LuLaRoe. Then he started doing live sales with me. Then he started doing solo live sales. Then he took over photographing our new inventory. Then he started handling the multiconsultant sales we’re a part of. Now? Now he calls our Facebook VIP group “his ladies” and loves to put on shows every chance he gets.

He’s also been helping a lot with our homeschool and taking the kids to their therapy sessions. Really, he’s doing everything that I was doing by myself, but doing it all 100% better! It’s been so fun to see how our family has grown closer together with both parents home all the time, and I can’t wait to see where this crazy journey leads us next!

How to Become a LuLaRoe Retailer

Becoming a LuLaRoe Retailer is a big decision. It took us a few weeks of going back and forth, pro’s and con’s, watching other people’s sales, and about a million videos on YouTube for us to completely decide. Now that we’re doing it, I wouldn’t ever go back! If you think that becoming a LuLaRoe Retailer might be the right choice for you, I would love to help you on this crazy journey. Whether your goal is to pay your car payment or to retire your husband, I’ve been there and I’d love to walk through this with you. You can find more information about joining our team here.

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