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You know those people on your list who seem to have everything, so they’re incredibly hard to shop for? If you hear them talk about something they want, the next time you see them they’ve already bought it. Luckily, as moms we have the ultimate gifts to offer our family that never really needs anything.

Handmade gifts. Beyond that? Cutesy holiday kids crafts that are personally handmade by your tiny adorable children. Seriously, what grandma wouldn’t love a personalized handmade gift from her precious grandbabies? My mom is obsessed with homemade everything. Once, we pawned off some really yucky cookies onto her by telling her that they were “made with love”. It works, trust me! Now I am not a Pinterest mom by any means, so I’m looking at some crafts that are actually do-able and personal to you and your kids that your family members will love!

Kid Friendly Handmade Gifts for Family

When you can't find the right gift for family, consider something handmade from your kids!


Hand Print Santa Ornament

This hand print Santa ornament from ABCs to ACTs is absolutely adorable! It’s simple to make, with only a handful of ingredients, and it’ll help Grandma remember how tiny your kiddos hands were for years to come! As a bonus, if your child struggles with sensory issues, they’re likely to tolerate this activity more than painting on their hands.

Homemade Cinnamon Ornaments

These homemade cinnamon ornaments from Completely Delicious are not only super cute, but they smell fantastic! I am a big fan of anything cinnamon scented around the holidays, and these are sure to be a hit! It’s also worth mentioning that these awesome ornaments only take three ingredients, so they are very non-crafty mom friendly!

Footprint Penguin

My mom would absolutely love this Footprint Penguin from Crafty-Crafted. Penguins are one of Mr. C’s very favorite animals, so it would make a perfect gift. I also love that this would be cute year-round because it isn’t too holiday specific!

Fingerprint Christmas Tree Craft

This fingerprint Christmas tree craft from Crafty Morning looks wicked simple, and it would be perfect for a busy mama! The kiddos will love getting a bit messy with this project which will give you an afternoon activity, and your family will love having such a sweet piece of artwork to decorate for their holiday. It’s a win-win!

Popsicle Stick Stars

I am a glitter queen, so these Craft Stick Stars from Powerful Mothering are right up my alley! These are simple to make, adorable, and what kids don’t like getting a little messy with glitter? The one downside, my dad is “allergic” to glitter (at least, that’s what he’s told us for years) so I doubt he’d be as thrilled with this as a gift.

Icicle Ornaments

These icicle ornaments from Happy Hooligans are easy to make and they look super cute on a Christmas tree! As an added bonus, this is a great fine motor activity for your preschoolers. If you’re a lazy mama like me, you could even count this as a homeschooling activity!

Snowflake Canvas Art

I am not an artsy person, so I love crafts that are pretty much fool-proof. That’s exactly what you  get with this snowflake canvas art from Ten Kids and a Dog. If you’re really brave, let the kiddos finger paint rather than using brushes. Of course, that will make quite a bit more mess to clean up!


These are just a few of the easiest and cutest kids Christmas crafts I’ve found this year that would make perfect gifts for family. What kind of handmade gifts do you give every year?