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Father’s Day is coming, and there are millions of crafts and cards out there on Pinterest, but I always struggle with finding something realistic for my kiddos to do. See, I’m not crafty. My sensory kiddos can’t stand finger paint, and I’m not clever enough to come up with a catchy poem.

It isn’t that I’m heartless. I just want my kids to do something special themselves, so they can feel proud that they made something all on their own.

This year, we’re working a lot with Mr. C on his expressive writing. Instead of simply copying words, we’re teaching him to think about what he wants to communicate and write it out on paper. I like to give him a writing prompt to get his brain going, so I thought this would be perfect for him to give personal and heartfelt letters for Father’s Day.

Father’s Day Writing Prompt Printable

Father's Day is right around the corner and non-crafty moms can use this Father's Day Writing Prompt Printable to help our kids show dads that they care!

I kept this printable super simple on purpose, so that your kids’ creativity can shine! Let them draw whatever picture they feel fits, and write a few of the reasons that they love their daddy for Father’s Day.

For younger kiddos, let them narrate what they want to write while you write it down on another paper for them and allow them to copy it down later. This method works wonders when kids are still trying to understand the complexities of combining handwriting, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and all of the other small tasks involved in writing.

For bigger kids challenge them to write a complete paragraph. Maybe you want your kids to write the silliest reasons that they love Daddy on Father’s Day, or maybe you want it to be a more formal writing assignment. The ball is totally in your court!

You can get access to the free Father’s Day Writing Prompt Printable and everything else in the free This Outnumbered Mama resource library by entering your information below!

I hope that this Father’s Day Writing Prompt Printable gives other non-crafty mamas a way to help their kiddos make something special for their dads on Father’s Day. Because really, isn’t the thought and effort what it’s all about?

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