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(Inside: This super simple and fun i-spy farm sensory jar is a perfect calming activity for kids with sensory processing disorder, autism, or any kid who loves animals! It’s really easy to make, and your kids will use it over and over again!)

Every week I take A-Man to his autism therapies, we pass by a farm and he loses his mind.


That thirty-second pass is the highlight of his week.

Naturally, we took that love of farm animals and had to do something with it, so I’m so excited to share with you this Super Simple and Fun I-Spy Farm Sensory Bottle!

Super Simple and Fun I-Spy Farm Sensory Bottle

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(Voss Bottle filled with green glittery substance and farm animals with a green and black background. Text reads: “Super Simple and Fun I-Spy Farm Sensory Bottle”. Teal and coral Autistic Mama logo in upper right corner)

You know me, I need activities to be as simple as possible.

That’s why I LOVE putting together sensory jars.

They’re super quick to make, and all of the kids love them.

Plus, I love that sensory jars can help calm A-Man down when he is mid-meltdown.

Oh, and it helps that they aren’t huge, so they’re easy to throw in my purse when we’re headed out the door and I know I’ll need a distraction.

(Hello grocery store, I’m talking to you!)

So this super simple and fun farm sensory jar is going to save me quite a bit of grief!

What You Need to Make a Super Simple and Fun Farm Sensory Bottle

 Karo Light Corn Syrup 32 Fl Oz. .95l Martha Stewart Crafts Iridescent Glitter, 12-Pack 12 Color-US Cake Supply® by Chefmaster Liqua-Gel Paste Cake Color Set – The 12 Most Popular Colors in 0.75 fl. oz. (20ml) Bottles VOSS Artesian Water (Still), 330ml Plastic Bottles (Pack of 12) Learning Resources Jumbo Farm Animals

&Super Simple and Fun I-Spy Farm Sensory Bottle #ispy #kidsactivity #kidsactivities #farm #sensory #sensorybottle #sensoryplay #ihsnet #funforkids

(Image collage of a Voss Bottle with green glittery liquid and animals, and the steps to create it including an image with just the animals and glitter, the animals and green liquid, and the finished product with a child’s hands pointing at an animal. Text on the collage reads: “Super Simple & Fun I-Spy Farm Sensory Bottle”) 

How to Make a Super Simple and Fun Farm Sensory Jar

  • Fill the Voss Bottle With Half Water and Half Corn Syrup
  • Add in Glitter and Food Dye
  • Add in Animals
  • Close the lid and Shake!

Isn’t that so easy? Seriously, friends, I’ve told you. I won’t do activities that take me 400 years!

We had so much fun with this super simple and fun farm sensory jar.

It’s the perfect addition to a Fall Farm Unit Study to help sensory kiddos stay engaged.

Plus, like I mentioned, it is just so calming!

All three of the boys loved playing with this sensory jar, and they’ve told me that I have to make more so that they can each have one!

Thankfully it was easy, so I might actually be able to make way more!

Do you have a kiddo that loves farm animals? You need to make one of these!

And just in case you aren’t making one right this second, make sure you pin it for later!

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