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I mentioned before that I’m planning an apple unit study for the boys this fall, so I had a bunch of apple learning resources. I wanted to share them all with you in one place so that you could come back and reference this as often as you need throughout your own apple theme unit!

In this Super Fun and Simple Apple Unit Study for Kids you’ll find a book list, craft and activity ideas, a free apple printable, and a full apple learning pack!

Super Fun and Simple Apple Unit Study for Kids

Super Fun and Simple Apple Unit Study for Kids

All About Apples: The All About Apples Learning Pack

First, if you’re a mom who struggles with crazy involved activities, you need to check out this All About Apples Learning Pack that I made!

There are tons of low-prep and prep-free apple activities for your kids to do, from memory games to puzzles to copy work. The All About Apples Learning Pack has activities for math, science, writing, logic, and more!

You can get the All About Apples Learning Pack in the blog shop here, or on Teachers Pay Teachers here!

Get the All About Apples Learning Pack Here!

All About Apples: Simple Apple Sudoku Activity Free Printable

Not ready for the whole learning activity pack? Totally fine! You can still grab this totally free printable! It’s a simple version of the logic game, Sudoku, using apple-themed pictures instead of numbers. This version also uses 4 boxes per row/square/column instead of the 9 in traditional Sudoku.

It’s perfect for starting to teach kids about logic puzzles and reasoning skills!

This simple sudoku apple activity is adorable and fun! It's kept simple for younger kids, and it helps get kids started on logic puzzles! It's perfect for an apple preschool unit!

All About Apples: The Best Kids Books About Apples

What’s a unit study without some awesome books to read!? I pulled together some of the best kids books about apples that you can look for on Amazon or your local library to help round out your apple unit study!

From Johnny Appleseed to Dr. Seuss, this list has all of the best apple books for kids!

This is a huge list of the best kids books about apples. You *need* this if you're planning a fall apple unit study or a apple themed week for your preschool!

All About Apples: Fun Apple Activities for Kids

And finally, to add a little something extra to your apple unit study, I gathered up a ton of the best hands-on apple activities from all around the web. In this post you can find 30+ apple activities for kids!

From STEM ideas to simple kids crafts, there’s an activity that will fit your family!

30+ Totally Fun and Simple Apple Activities for Kids!


Pick a few of these apple activities to do each day, add a few of the apple books from this list, and the All About Apples Learning Pack and you’ve got a full apple unit study right at your finger tips! I know that your kids will enjoy it as much as mine!

Planning an apple unit study or an apple theme week this fall? You have to check out this awesome apple themed unit study with books, activities, and more!