• Blogging for Income?

    I haven’t been blogging very long but already a lot of people I know have started their own blogs or asked me about how to start blogging or how to decide if blogging is right for them. Obviously, I love blogging and I think everyone should have a blog just for the ability to document […]

  • Only Christian Homeschooling Curriculum?

    If you’ve been reading This Outnumbered Mama for a while, our Christian faith is no secret. When we decided on homeschooling, we were faced with a pretty hefty decision to make. Should all of our curriculum be Christian-based, or should we include a Bible curriculum to our day and call it good? We could see […]

  • What is Dyspraxia?

    Dyspraxia [or developmental coordination disorder] is not a common household name, even among special needs households. It’s not autism. It’s not Down Syndrome. When we told people A-Man had dyspraxia, people looked at us like we had just said he had cancer. Bottom line, it’s not something that we grow up hearing about at all. […]

  • Homeschooling: Accepting Defeat

    I’m a workbook homeschooling mama. I thrive on checklists and structured lessons and even flashcards. Unfortunately for me, this homeschooling mama has to admit defeat. There have been a ton of changes in our family the last few months, and sticking with our formal lessons and extensive homeschooling resources has not been possible. Between five […]

  • Preschool Bible Study Giveaway!

    Today is an exciting day at This Outnumbered Mama! I’m hosting my very first giveaway! I am so thankful to Cullen’s Abc’s for generously offering to give away tenĀ of their preschool Bible studies and one Cross Box, their brand new activity subscription box, to my readers. To enter, leave me a comment at the bottom […]