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Halloween is A-Man’s favorite holiday. From early September you can hear him squealing with delight about all of the pumpkins that show up everywhere! He loves to go to the pumpkin patch and orange is his very favorite color.

That love of Halloween doesn’t always transfer to Trick or Treating, however. All of the walking around, meeting strangers and being expected to talk to those strangers, plus all of the transitioning between houses, it can be really stressful.

We all have that perfect picture of our kids joyfully running up to a door, knocking loud enough to be heard but quiet enough to not be a nuisance, and then happily chanting “Trick or Treat” when the door opens. Of course, they only take one candy, and they always say thank you.

Sometimes that just isn’t possible for autistic kids. They want to Trick or Treat and enjoy the holiday like everyone else, but all of the over-stimulation can easily get in the way. That’s a lot of eye contact, expressive language, and transitions for an autistic child on even the best day. Add in the excitement of the holiday, and it can be a real struggle.

I’m Autistic Trick or Treat Cards to Help Neighbors Understand Autism

I'm Autistic Trick or Treat Cards to Help Neighbors Understand Autism

When Neighbors Don’t Understand Autism

It can be really hard as a parent to explain to neighbors why your child can’t always say please and thank you. Or why they struggle to grab just one candy. Or why they may not wear a mask.

That’s why I decided to put together these simple “I’m Autistic” Halloween printable cards. Simply print these and cut them out before you go Trick or Treating and offer one to any neighbor who seems offended by your child’s behaviors. You could even write your information on the back. I’d suggest something like,

“Thank you for your compassion and understanding! If you’d like any more information about my son/daughter ______ you can reach me at ___-___-____!”

I'm Autistic Trick or Treat Cards to Help Neighbors Understand Autism

Halloween Trick or Treat Free Printable Cards

These simple Halloween printable cards are black and white to save you ink, and they each say,

“Happy Halloween Friend! My name is ________________ and I’m autistic. I’m trying my very best to Trick or Treat with my family, but sometimes it’s hard for me. I might not say please or thank you, but please know you’re making my holiday special! Thank you!”

To download these free Halloween printable cards, simply enter your information below! It will also give you access to my entire free resource library (including coloring pages, activity printables, and an eBook!)

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