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I’m a mom of five kiddos, and that means we go through a LOT of curriculum…

When you add on the fact that the oldest is already 2 grades ahead and could do an entire year’s worth in 4-5 months if we let him, curriculum buying season is year-round for us.

And as you can imagine, all that homeschool curriculum adds up fast.

I’m always looking for ways to save money while still getting high-quality homeschool curriculum that meets my kids’ needs, and that’s why I love this affordable homeschool math for specific grade levels!

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*This post is sponsored by Math Mammoth. I was given the curriculum to try with my family, and was compensated for my time. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Please see my full disclosure for details.

Affordable Homeschool Math for Specific Grade Levels

The biggest challenge I face when finding affordable homeschool curriculum is that my kids learn in such different ways.

Mr. C is gifted and tears through any curriculum we throw at him, but he gets frustrated when curriculums try to force him to use certain methods that make him take longer.

A-Man doesn’t like most ‘traditional’ curriculum, and he needs a hands-on approach or highly engaging curriculum to keep his autistic brain focused.

So finding a curriculum that fits them both, will match their specific grade level, and won’t break the bank is nearly impossible.

Affordable Homeschool Math for Specific Grade Levels

We Do a Lot of Subjects Together

See, we do a lot of our subjects together.

With Cap’n M and Miss S thinking they’re old enough for ‘real school’, and having so many little learners, it just makes sense to combine whenever possible.

We do read alouds together, work on science projects and history activities together, and really try to focus on togetherness and life learning in our homeschool.

Affordable Homeschool Math for Specific Grade Levels

Math You Just Have to Separate

But the fact is, you just have to separate for math.

Mr. C is finishing up fourth grade.

A-Man is just starting first grade.

Math is a subject that each child needs to be taught at their own level, so we need a curriculum that will meet each child where they’re at and help them grow!

Affordable Homeschool Math for Specific Grade Levels

Affordable Homeschool Math is Important

Since we usually have to get curriculum for each kiddo for math, rather than combine, it’s vital that we find an affordable homeschool math program.

Mr. C is known to do 2 grades or more of math when he’s motivated, so we need to have a math curriculum that won’t cost an arm and a leg if we need to buy the next level mid-year.

Affordable Homeschool Math for Specific Grade Levels

Why I Love Math Mammoth Homeschool Math for Specific Grade Levels

Math Mammoth offers their Light Blue Series which includes all the specific grade levels, 1st-7th.

That means I can get one curriculum and use it to challenge my kids on whatever level they are at.

My boys get to have fun knowing they’re doing the same thing but at their own unique skill level.

The Math Mammoth Light Blue Series also allows me to use the same curriculum each year, even if Mr. C advances a grade-level in January.

Overall it saves me time and money by having the full curriculum right at my fingertips.

I also appreciate that the lessons are easy for me to complete with the boys.

Each concept taught has a full explanation included in the children’s work text, so I wasn’t caught off guard needing to prepare myself and brush up on long division!

Affordable Homeschool Math for Specific Grade Levels

Math Mammoth Helped A-Man Love Math

More than that, I love the engaging sheets included in the Math Mammoth student work texts.

My son A-Man wouldn’t touch a worksheet all year, but with Math Mammoth he was filling them out happily.

By the end of this lesson, Chris was able to step away and let A-Man finish his math completely independently.

Let me tell you, six months ago I wouldn’t believe it was possible for A-Man to complete a worksheet at all, let alone do parts of it on his own.

He really just loved the bright colors and how clear the directions were for each problem.

My son loves math right now, and a big part of that is the Math Mammoth Light Blue Series.

Affordable Homeschool Math for Specific Grade Levels

(*Note, that’s a picture of A-Man shouting ‘I DID IT’ after doing his first problem on a math worksheet completely on his own*)

How to Get Math Mammoth Homeschool Math

First, you can join the giveaway to win one of FIVE prizes! Plus, EVERYONE who enters will get a free ebook, Math Mammoth Data and Graphs!

*Note, Math Mammoth is sponsoring this giveaway, and any information you use to enter will be shared with Math Mammoth*

Math Mammoth Giveaway

If you’re ready to try Math Mammoth with your family, I highly suggest you complete their free placement test here.

It will tell you exactly which grade level to start your child on so that your child starts off feeling successful and learning at their own pace.

When you’re ready to buy the Math Mammoth Light Blue Series, you can get it here.

Affordable Homeschool Math for Specific Grade Levels

You can also get tons of freebies from Math Mammoth here, including samples, videos, and activities.

Plus they have an entire work text on data and graphs here.

Affordable Homeschool Math for Specific Grade Levels #ihsnet #homeschooling #homeschoolmom #curriculum #math #homeschoolmath