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  • 5 Reasons to Homeschool Your Autistic Child

    (Inside: Why should you homeschool your autistic child? I get asked this all the time! So today I’m sharing 5 reasons to homeschool your autistic child, even if the world thinks you’re crazy!) The first question anyone asks when they find out I homeschool A-Man is, can you homeschool an autistic child? Once that’s out of […]

  • Can You Homeschool Your Autistic Child?

    (Inside: Can you homeschool your autistic child? Is it even legal to homeschool an autistic child? Yes and Yes!! In this post I answer the most common questions that come up when wondering… can you homeschool your autistic child?) When homeschooling, you get a LOT of questions. How do they get socialization? How do you plan […]

  • To the Parent With No Choice Besides ABA Therapy

    (Inside: To the parent who has no choice but to use ABA therapy, you aren’t a bad parent… This is a must-read if you use ABA therapy for your autistic child!) I recently wrote a post about the big deal about ABA therapy, and I quickly received an email from a reader who was frustrated. She […]

  • What’s the Big Deal With ABA Therapy?

    (Inside: What’s the big deal with ABA Therapy? Can ABA Therapy really be harmful to autistics? Why do autistic adults hate ABA therapy? We answer all of that and more in this helpful guide!) When your child is diagnosed autistic, ABA is one of the first things recommended. ABA stands for ‘applied behavior analysis’ and is […]