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  • My Son Won’t Be Playing Pokemon Go Anymore

    When Pokemon Go came out, I’ll be the first to admit I thought the craze was a little ridiculous. But really, what was the harm? Kids were out walking around instead of spending all of their time inside. It felt like the entire community was out in parks when the game first started. It wasn’t […]

  • Using Online Reading Games to Help Reluctant Readers

    (Inside: Using online reading games to help reluctant readers will be a game changer in your homeschool! Try Reading Eggs for FREE to help your reluctant readers!) I’ve always been a reader. In fact, when I was six I used to time myself and read 20 minutes in 5 different novels, then quiz myself about what happened […]

  • Autistic People Should NOT Have to Carry ID to Stay Safe

    (Inside: Autistic people should not have to carry ID to stay safe… Police brutality against autistics needs a better solution than autism ID cards.) Another day, another story. Another autistic person getting hurt by people who don’t understand autism. Whether it’s the call to “end autism” from Jenny McCarthy or a news story about a […]

  • Autism-Friendly Online Math Program | CTC Math Review

    A-Man is not a big fan of sitting down to do school work, so we’re always on the hunt for autism-friendly homeschool curriculum. See, we want our kids to love learning, so we spend a lot of time deciding which programs are worth doing and which aren’t. So today, I’m so excited to share an […]

  • 5 Steps You Must Take for an Autism-Friendly Nature Study

    (Inside: Check out these 5 steps you must take for an autism-friendly nature study! They’re perfect for helping your homeschooled autistic child get out into nature!) When I started homeschooling, I had so many plans for fun activities we could do as a family. We’d get out and explore the world around us… Right? Well, […]