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  • Why Don’t Autistics Want a Cure for Autism?

    (Inside: Why don’t autistics want a cure for autism? Parents and professionals are often shocked to hear that autistics don’t want to cure autism, but here’s why…) I talk a lot about the general differences between what autistic adults believe and what parents of autistic children believe. We prefer identity language while they prefer person-first. We […]

  • Why Do Parents “Grieve” Their Autistic Children?

    (Grief is a heavy word, but it’s thrown around autism groups constantly. It lead this autistic mom to ask, why do parents grieve their autistic children?) Grief. Noun. “Deep sorrow, especially that caused by someone’s death.” It’s a big word. And a heavy topic. Most of us have dealt with grief at some point in […]

  • 3 Simple Reasons to Use Identity Language For Autistics

    (Inside: Check out these 3 simple reasons to use identity language when referring to the autistic community, from an autistic mom of an autistic kiddo!) As a mom of two disabled children, I was shocked to find that there is so much controversy over what exactly we say. I’m not talking about the basics, like not […]

  • My Son Won’t Be Playing Pokemon Go Anymore

    When Pokemon Go came out, I’ll be the first to admit I thought the craze was a little ridiculous. But really, what was the harm? Kids were out walking around instead of spending all of their time inside. It felt like the entire community was out in parks when the game first started. It wasn’t […]